Shopify "Save for Later"

a convenient addition on your store that allows shoppers to manage and track items they are interested in purchasing but do not want to add to their cart immediately. It helps customers keep track of products they want to remember or consider purchasing in the future without committing to a purchase right away.

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Introducing a game-changer for your online store - the "Save for Later" feature, designed to enhance user experience and boost sales. Streamline your customers' shopping journey by offering a hassle-free way to bookmark products they love.

🌟 Effortless Shopping Experience: Simplify the shopping process for your customers. With a simple click, they can add products to their "Saved Items" list, paving the way for stress-free decision-making.

🎁 Build Personalized Wishlists: Empower your shoppers to create wishlists tailored to their preferences. Let them explore and refine their selections over time, resulting in more informed purchases.

💰 Seize Sales Opportunities: Track your shoppers behavior. Drive conversions and boost your bottom line.

Join the league of successful Shopify merchants who prioritize shopper satisfaction. Elevate your store's appeal today with the "Save for Later" feature - because a delighted customer is a loyal customer. Start enhancing your Shopify store now! 🚀✨


Frictionless Wishlist

Improve shoppers engagement to purchase products at a later time with a one click save process. Enhance "product" pages and "cart" UI with save for later functionality.

Improve user engagement and experience

Wishlist functionality allows customers to save products they are interested in for future consideration. This eliminates the need to remember or search for items again, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable shopping experience.

Convenience and Personalization

Wishlist features create a personalized space for customers to curate their favorite products. It empowers them to create and manage their shopping journey, which can increase their sense of ownership and connection with your brand.

Reduced Purchase Pressure

Customers may hesitate to make immediate purchases, especially for higher-priced items. A wishlist allows them to save products without committing to buy right away, reducing purchase pressure and encouraging them to return later to complete the purchase.


Track Shoppers' Cart Behaviour

An intuitive dashboard allows you to understand your shoppers’ cart activity behaviour. Understand what products have been added or removed from the cart. See abandoned cart items. Use this insight to optimize your sales strategy. Increase conversion rate by offering customized discounts for products that were kept on hold.

Track cart behavior

Monitoring the addition of products to carts can indicate strong purchase intent. If customers repeatedly add an item but don't complete the purchase, it might signal potential barriers or friction in the checkout process.

Limited-Time Offers

Offer exclusive discounts or limited-time promotions specifically for items in users' "Saved for Later" lists. This creates a sense of exclusivity and incentivizes them to complete the purchase.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

If an item has been in a user's "Saved for Later" list for a while, treat it like an abandoned cart and send friendly reminders, highlighting the benefits of the product and encouraging them to proceed with the purchase.


Customize Shopper's Experience

Keep on Hold is brand friendly. The Keep on Hold button automatically adopts your store design. You can also customize individual elements so they match your theme.

Customize language and icon based on your theme

You can change text, translate, and chose diffeerent icons across the application.

Optional login for shoppers to save their wishlist across devices.

Keep on Hold can use native shopify login to save user's wishlists across devices.

Mobile Responsive

Keep on Hold works on any screen size.


Here's what our customers said

The app is nice and really simple to customize , use and integrate, and the customer supports works perfectly when you ask them for help! Totally recommended

Georgie Boy México

Great customer service. There were a lot of UI difficulties right out of the gate, but luckily, their customer support was very helpful in making tweaks for me.

Joco Records
United States

People LOVE this feature and we love that we can track what people have saved for later, and also change the name of the program to fit into our branding! All around an excellent program for the price!

Great Lakes Kids Apparel LLC
United States

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